Machine Tool Associates works closely with people in the Cutting Tool Industry.  We've worked with various CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder  Manufacturers over the years.  We work with their customers so the transition with the NEW machine goes smoothly. 

We also specialize in the support equipment that the cutting tool manufacturers utilize such as Wheel Dressers and Inspection machinery.

We design a reutilization program to our customers specific needs.  In todays market, most companies do NOT have an in-house person to handle reutilization of assets.

We can offer various programs so that our customers get the highest value for those assets. These programs are tailored and usually result with lower fees than the large Auction/Liquidation companies charge. 

Machine Tool Associates was incorporated in 1998. In 2006 it moved to Mechanicsburg, PA..

We are a small used machinery dealer who has 35+ years in the machine tool industry.

Over those 35 years we have created a machinery network that allows us to best serve our customers.

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